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What are Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes can be any type of game or contest which a business uses to promote the sale of products or services.

What is the difference between Sweepstakes and Gambling?

Two major things...Sweepstakes have a product that is purchased, and then entry into the game is free. Think of the McDonalds Monopoly, you buy the burger, and get the peel off game piece for free. You do not buy the peel off. Same thing with our system, customers purchase the product, then get entry into the system.

How much is given to my customers for free? I am in this to make money.

The system automatically awards customers 100 free points upon login every 24 hours. This is automated and tracked by our software and guarantees all customers are given free entry to ensure the highest level of compliance.

Plus, we have the option to allow for more free entries if law enforcement requires an additional Free Method of Entry (FMOE).

Can I award cash to customers if they win?

This depends on your location and how you choose to operate. The most well ran and profitable stores use the highest level of compliance, and give away tons of cash. Customers love it!

What else can my store do to stay legal?

Run our system! Our system is equipped with a patented feature called Full Disclosure. No other company has Full Disclosure. Full Disclosure has been said to eliminate the gambling element by Industry Expert Attorneys, a Former FBI Agent who is an Expert on Gambling, and one of the creators of the most popular Sweepstakes giveaways in the world. Very powerful!

What products is my store selling?

That is up to you!

Most stores sell a service called "Workstation Time." At most big box stores like FedEx, Office Depot, or OfficeMax, you can purchase time at a full-service public computer connected to the internet, called a "Workstation." You are selling the same legitimate service.

Our Point of Sale software also has a fully-featured inventory system, so you can purchase and sell physical goods, track your inventory, and give away free promotional points with the purchase of an item!

Though some jurisdictions do allow selling points outright, be sure to check with local experts before selling any points directly. Our proprietary compliance is strongest when your business is selling real goods and services, and giving points away as a promotion.

How much does it cost to get my first store started?

Most stores of this kind cost about $20,000-$60,000 to set up. It is such a big window, because your costs are all over the place:

Rent Deposit, Construction, Furniture, Labor on setup, # of client Stations, Msc.

For the software you can either pay for it all upfront, or do a payment plan. If you do the payment plan we do not charge anything upfront.

Why is your store location important?

Location is important to every business. Think of McDonalds. They have been called one of the best franchises in the world. They have an incredible business system. Guess what is at the top of getting started with them? Location! Location! Location!

The better your location, the faster getting to the 1,000 customer count will be.

What is the difference between Web Based vs Server Based software?

Here is the difference.

Web based means the program runs on someone else's computer, not yours. Think of Netflix, that is an example of "Web Based". You go to a website and it remotely pulls up their program. When the internet speed changes, or goes down, you have no or limited access. Think of your customers mid-game, if game speeds change or are interrupted, that is an unhappy customer. Plus all a "Web Based" platform means is that someone else has your program on their computer. Web Based doesn't mean it is not on a computer.

Server Based means the program runs on your computer in the location. Think of Microsoft Word, that is an example of "Server Based". This is the way we operate because it is the most stable. Now, if you use a junky computer it probably will crash and your server will go down. This is why we suggest a wall mountable rack server. They are extremely dependable, multiple hard drives, multiple processors, multiple everything so it is very stable. ALL big tech companies use rack servers.

How much can I expect to make?

The reason you are on this website is probably either because you have seen the profits, or heard rumors. While we cannot share our client's sales figures, we can say that this industry puts the California Gold Rush to shame!

Why is this not really a sweepstakes?

Part of a sweepstakes is that the outcome is unknown. With our Patented Full Disclosure, all outcomes are readily available. Because of this, our system is not a sweepstakes. It is a Game Promotion!

"Brand-X software has so many security holes, if I was not personally at the site, the employees would rob me blind! That's not a problem with GFG Games!"

- Aram M.