Because Tournaments can be a little advanced, we suggest you run the business for at least a couple weeks to gain a familiarity to how the store works before we train you and your team with Tournaments.  Do not start your business with Tournaments unless you have experience!

Documents available to you for free for running a tournament are:

Advertisement Postings: Posters and Flyers

● Set of official tournament rules to display

Tournament Signup sheet

Ticket Record

Referee score card

●  Tournament PIN cards to make the tournament referee’s job easier

● Most importantly, we have provided a tournament checklist for guidance with promoting and setting up the tournament all the way through how to run the final round of the tournament and preparing for the next tournament you will hold.

They can all be found here.

We are here to assist you in every aspect of running your tournament.

"Tournaments? Gold Fusion has a Tournament mode? That’s GREAT! My customers LOVE Tournaments!"

-Terry M Entertainment Café owner