For your equipment, you can:
✓Use your own computers
✓ Lease
✓ Purchase from us

We also have solutions for furniture if you need cabinets!

Sweepstakes Software

For your software needs, our software has the ability to run:
✓ Skill
✓ Sweepstakes Mode
✓ Non-Sweepstakes Mode
✓ Preview (a form of Pre-reveal / prereveal)
✓ Full Disclosure (no chance)
✓ Pull Tab Sweepstakes Configuration (No spinning)...
✓ Plus many more options! Call for your needs!


Our trainers will help:
✓ Guide you with the basics of getting started
✓ Initially train your staff on the software
✓ Provide ongoing owners training

Customer Support

Any questions you or your staff have, please call us and we will be happy to assist.

Our customer support call center is the best in the industry. We offer customer support 7 days a week 9am EST - 3 am EST.


This industry is brand new, and is still being defined.

With us leading the industry, we already have over half a dozen legal opinions as well as several expert witnesses that can testify to the legality of the software, if used properly.


Most importantly, we want to work with the entrepreneur spirit and help them win.

We have a trained and dedicated staff ready to provide coaching and expert advice to make your business the best it can be.


GFG Games assists business owners, and the leadership teams of stores using Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Software.  Our proven process is to help store owners, and their leadership team, accomplish the three tasks below.

Employee Training pictured above

1) Correctly opening a store involves:

  • Selecting a good location
  • Applying for the proper business license / occupational / tax receipt
  • Proper equipment, furniture, and build out


2) Successfully Promoting your store involves:

  • Staying ahead of your competition
  • Proper promotions in your store
  • Maximizing profit in your store

3) And the last step in our proven process is to Open an additional location(s). This is the most fun part of this business!

Examples of Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Software Uses

Ready to get started?

"They helped me setup my store and now it's running smoothly. If I ever have the slightest problem, they have the answer! GFG Games rocks!"

- Cedric H.