Use a Surprise Promotion to Keep Customers Seated
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017
By GFG Games
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Randomly Activating Cherries is a tool unique to the Gold Fusion system. You can use it as both a marketing tool and to manually reward customers at the manager/operator's discretion.


Activating the Randomly Activate Cherries (RAC) button on the Home screen will trigger an additional CHERRIES win shortly, but not instantly.


The delay allows you to be out on the floor with the customers to enjoy the party when it activates. The advantage of Gold Fusion’s RAC is that you reap the benefits of the lights, sound and excitement of the CJB rather than having the ordinary “ticket in a bucket” routine. 


When you trigger an RAC CHERRIES, and the system pulls a regular winning entry before the manual cherries activate, your RAC CHERRIES will be cancelled. Also, to protect you from being overly zealous with the RAC button, there must be a minimum of $100 in actual sale of product between activations. 


This is a great tool to generate excitement during slow periods as well as on your busiest nights. Consider mixing your promotions up to keep your customers in their seats. Gold Fusion’s multi-layered permission control system allows the site owner to decide who has control of this exciting tool. 


Happy customers are repeat customers. Learning how and when to use the RAC can add a whole new dimension to your business.


For more information on how this feature can help you with the compliance issue, contact Gold Fusion today!


Thank you for your continued support!


The information provided herein is not intended to be legal or compliance advice. Gold Fusion software products include multiple settings and licensee-selectable options that should be used only upon the advice of legal counsel who advises the end user licensee regarding how the licensee can comply with the end user's covenant of lawful operation in the jurisdiction where the software product is used. The end user licensee must not assume that all software products and all settings are lawful for use in all jurisdictions, or lawful for use in connection with all methods of retail operation. WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES TO THAT EFFECT.


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