Sweepstakes Jackpots Your Customers Love
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
By GFG Games
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Why customers love all our different jackpots?


Ever had a customer or employee ask you to explain the difference between a Local Area Jackpot, which is the jackpot displayed in the individual games, and the Community Jackpot? Here is an easy explanation for you to share with them:


Local Area Progressive Jackpot


Players must be playing max play to win and only one player wins. One percent of every spin for the same game types goes to a jackpot that is shared between all machines at the site. This Jackpot is displayed on each game screen and the displayed amount changes when the denomination is changed.


To figure out how much cash reserve you need to have on hand should every local jackpot in your cafe hit tomorrow, add the jackpot amounts for each denomination you allow on each game together.


Community Jackpot Board


Customers must be “participating” when a winning entry is pulled from the pool. Whether or not they are considered participating is determined by how much time has lapsed since their last game completed. The owner/operator determines how much time a customer has to participate or to “REVEAL” an entry in a regular game. Controls in the POS configuration allow you to choose a 30, 60 or 90 second delay between“REVEALS” before a customer is timed out of eligibility.


This is a shared jackpot and players must opt in unless the site has selected “Always On” in the CJB settings. Two cents per spin is added to the play and multiple players can win.


Everyone participating splits the jackpot when the 7s and the Bells go off and the cherries go to a single player. The prize goes straight into the customer’s unclaimed winnings.


The Community Board actually has 4 prizes -Jackpot 1 (7’s), Jackpot 2 (Bells), Jackpot 3 (Cherries) and the Manager Hot Seat Promo. Within the J1 (7’s) and the J2 (Bells) are three total jackpots for each. There is the visible jackpot (the one you can see on the screen) and two invisible jackpots that all build at the same time. This is so that when the Jackpot hits, the amount for that win does not drop back down to the base value. For example, when the J1 (7’s) hits at $1596, the display will not drop to $600. Instead it will drop to the 2nd hidden jackpot that has been building and should be around $1197, which means the 3rd hidden jackpot will then become the 2nd hidden Jackpot and the 3rd hidden Jackpot drops back to $600.


It is a good idea to calculate how much cash reserve you need to have to be prepared when the 7s and Bells go off.


This one is simple: look at the board, add up the total, double it, and put that much in the safe or in some easily accessible reserve. Each night, add to that amount double the amount of growth you had that day. If you do this consistently, you should never have to worry about not having enough in reserve to cover your CJB.


Thank you for your continued support!


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