Pre-reveal Legal Update in Florida
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Friday, July 20, 2018
By GFG Games
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A form of pre-reveal was argued in the courts this past Tuesday. It went before a Tallahassee panel of judges and was in oral argument form. Here is an update from a article that reported the event:  
"A key issue in the case involves whether the slot-machine law applies to playing a single game or a series of games. While the outcome of the first game is revealed in advance, a player at the outset does not know the results of subsequent games." 
"Judge James Wolf repeatedly asked lawyers on both sides whether the court should consider whether a single game or a series of games violates the law. " 
“I’m a simple kind of guy. It comes down to whether we can consider the entire course of the play or one particular game. Their argument is one particular game is not a game of chance because you know the outcome. ... What in the statute allows us to consider the entire course of play?” he asked, pointing out that the state law defines slot machines, in part, as a device whose outcome is “unpredictable by the user.” 
"The answer rests in the way the machines generate the games, which the state believes violates the law, said McGinn, whose department regulates gambling." 
“From our perspective, it doesn’t matter whether it’s one game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s multiple games,” he said.
 "The appeal follows a decision last year by Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper, who reversed himself after originally siding with the manufacturer and distributor of the machines." 
"Cooper changed his mind after the Seminole Tribe of Florida asked him to reconsider the decision. Blue Sky and Gator Coin sued the state after investigators with the Division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms decided the games were effectively illegal slot machines and began confiscating the devices."  
“They perceive the issues. I think ultimately it’s going to rise and fall on whether they consider it one game or a series of games,” he said after Tuesday’s arguments. “You don’t have to be a lawyer to have sat through that to realize that that’s arguably what the court is wrestling with. It’s our contention that it’s one game and one play. And if they reject that, we’re going to lose.”
We wish Blue Sky and Gator Coin the best in their efforts! Should Blue Sky and Gator Coin win, we are all good.  But if they don't, rest assured, we do have the answer in the Full Disclosure product for the Florida market!  
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