POS Overload
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017
By GFG Games
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It is essential to remember that everything in your entire café is running off the POS computer, and overloading that computer can cause many headaches for your employees and your customers.

Unless you have a split Host system, where the Host program is housed on a separate computer from the POS/Console, all client machines are responding to what the POS computer tells them to do. If you tax the POS computer with tasks not related to the operation of your cafe, such as running Pandora, You Tube, Facebook, Minecraft, etc., you will have problems. The degree of those problems will be directly proportional to how busy you are at the time and how much of your computer's processing ability is hindered by programs unrelated to the operation of the Gold Fusion System. 


Symptoms of a processing overload include client machines reacting slowly or locking during the spinning mode, trouble closing a shift, POS response to normal command tremendously slowed and/ or unresponsive and much, much more. Last but not least, the RDP server, also known as the Host, can shut down and all client machines will immediately revert to the Waiting for Host screen, meaning all the customers will be logged out of the games. To keep your Gold Fusion system as healthy as possible, only run the Gold Fusion software on your POS computer. 


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