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Wednesday, September 06, 2017
By GFG Games
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A lot of store owners ask "how do I get all the customers to stay at my place, instead of shopping around for the 5 on $20?"
It is simple, but takes work.  The answer is you need to offer something "in the customer's mind" that is equal to or greater than driving to another store for a 5 on $20.
Here are below ways to do it, we suggest doing all of them with purchases after the initial $20:
  • Offer entry into a tournament
  • Do progressive drawings linked to the CJB
  • Do hot seat drawings (in addition to the CJB)
  • Do Sucker Pulls
  • Do Tournaments
  • Do the marble game
These are some of the options, if you need help implementing these, please contact us for more details!
Thank you for your continued support!

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