Ohio Regulates Skill Games
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018
By GFG Games
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The Ohio Casino Control Commission will be regulating Skill Games in Ohio soon. This commission has been in the works for years. Starting April 23rd, this commission will begin to regulate skill games.
"Ohio's law requires that the opportunity to win a prize in amusement games must be based on the skill of the player rather than a chance event. Prizes can be awarded, but the prizes cannot be cash, gift cards, plays on games of chance (such as slot machines), lottery tickets, bingo, firearms, tobacco or alcoholic beverages." 
This is another reason to step up to the Gold Fusion Standard. With a no chance setting, and the ability to sell products, it is very compliant! Please see below link for the Skill-Based Amusement Machine (SBAM) Rules:



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