Is Skill a Game of Chance?
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
By GFG Games
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According to one court, a game of skill is still a game of chance.  See the below case law:

“No game can be a game of skill alone. In any game in which even great skill is required, chance must play a certain part. Even a skilled player in a game of mere skill may be lucky or unlucky, so that even in a game of mere skill, chance must play its part. But it is not necessary to decide in terms of mathematical precision the relative proportion of chance or skill when deciding whether a game is a game of mere skill. When in a game the element of chance strongly preponderates, it cannot be a game of mere skill.”

  • - See M.J. Sivani and Ors. v. State of Karnataka and Ors.
The above case law is the only thing we could find on records that go into this level of detail linking Chance, and its involvement in Skill Games.  The case law is from India, but that country is a couple years advanced compared to the US in adult gaming.  This is why you have the Golden Ticket with Gold Fusion's No-Chance feature called Full Disclosure.  
The no chance feature completely allows usage without violating the "Chance" in law.  Many municipalities are starting to catch on that games of "Skill" are still games of Chance.  The best thing you can do for your security is to make it clear that the games do not have any chance.  Should you need help please cal us or use the below video:

Chance is defined as 

Dillingham v. McLaughlin, 264 U.S. 370 (1924)



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