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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
By GFG Games
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Right now you are probably noticing there is a lot of legal movement going on in the industry.
Depending on which state you are in, you may need an opinion letter stating the software is legal in your state. The below states we already have opinion letters written stating our system is lawful, signed off by an industry expert attorney:
  • North Carolina
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama 
  • California 
  • Texas


And the below states have Opinion Letters pending:
  • Ohio (And we will address the OCCC's statement addressing no chance software) 
  • Colorado (We already won in court in this state) 
  • Florida 


We will most likely complete the Florida Opinion stating our software is lawful after the result of the pending pre-reveal court case. 
If you operate in a state and need a document stating the software is legal, please contact us and we will connect you with our legal team.

Right now, there are experts available to support your success using the Gold Fusion / Golden Ticket product.  Their various specialties are: 


  • Former FBI agent that led Law Enforcement Academies at Quantico Expert Attorney in the promotional gaming industry
  • Industry expert attorneys on promotional gaming
  • McDonnalds Monolopy promotional gaming consultant 
  • Expert litigators 
  • Expert Criminal defense attorneys 


Your success in this industry is dependent on doing things RIGHT, and establishing long term income. Contact us today if you have any questions.

The information provided herein is not intended to be legal or compliance advice. Gold Fusion software products include multiple settings and licensee-selectable options that should be used only upon the advice of legal counsel who advises the end user licensee regarding how the licensee can comply with the end user's covenant of lawful operation in the jurisdiction where the software product is used. The end user licensee must not assume that all software products and all setting are lawful for use in all jurisdictions, or lawful for use in connection with all methods of retail operation. WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES TO THAT EFFECT.


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