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Tuesday, August 15, 2017
By GFG Games
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Like any new business, starting a sweepstakes store can be daunting.





Call us on and provide feedback about what you need to be successful. Any location will benefit from communicating with us on a regular basis, sharing their experiences and obstacles.
Organize giveaways that will excite your customers and drive up sales. This can include:
-Customer get 500 points when they spend $25 or more
-Customer gets 500 points when they refer a new customer that spends at least $20
-New customer gets 500 points when they spend $20 or more

Restaurants use this model often: a customer can get a free appetizer, but only with the purchase of two entrees. Be creative with your promotions, but always structure them in a way that encourages the customer to spend just a little more money!

Make sure your staff is knowledgeable and well-trained. Train them to understand the games, including Bonuses and Free Spins, and how the Community Jackpot Board works. Having knowledgeable employees will make your customers feel like they’re in good hands, which will encourage them to spend more.

Have your employees and direct family scope out your competition. Pay attention to what promotions they’re running, their advertising, and the interior of the store. What are they doing to get customers in the store? Are they running a promotion their customers love? You should be running that same promotion! Are customers getting free food and drinks? Start stocking their favorite snacks and sodas! Don’t hesitate to “borrow” from your competition.


Run extra giveaways alongside Gold Fusion’s games, and swap in new promotions on a weekly basis. Customers love variety, and if your giveaways are always changing, they’ll always be excited about something new and fun! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want ideas for promotions and giveaways. The combinations are endless!


Have legal rules and compliance posters displayed prominently in your store. If you do not have this posted, ask for copies.
Try to tackle everything yourself. If you’re having issues, we’ve heard it before, and we can provide the tools and advice you need to succeed! 
Set up giveaways that don’t encourage sales. This could be:
-Get 100 points just for coming in 
-Get 500 points for handing out flyers 
-Get 500 points just for referring a friend, even if they don’t spend money

These promotions don’t encourage the customer to spend extra money. Therefore, they’re not doing anything to increase your sales and hold.

Skimp on training. Not only will untrained employees take longer to operate the Point of Sale and make more mistakes, but they’ll also give your customers second thoughts about spending their money in your store. Your clerks are your salespeople, and no one wants to give money to a salesperson that doesn’t know their product.

Allow employees, partners, or direct family to play games in your store. If they win, customers will immediately assume the games are “cheating.” This can have a profoundly negative impact on your bottom line, as customers will defect to other stores if they think your software is rigged against them.

Rely only on games as your sole source of income. The games will bring in loads of paying customers, but if you’re not adding variety and keeping things changing, other entrepreneurs will notice your success and try to copy your model. If another store opens up nearby, a customer may spend $20 in your store to take advantage of a free points promotion, then go to the other store rather than re-buying in yours to get more free points. Just one other store opening can halve your income!
Don't open a store if you do not understand the compliance. Store compliance is simple. To see our cornerstone compliance CLICK HERE.











The information provided herein is not intended to be legal or compliance advice. Gold Fusion software products include multiple settings and licensee-selectable options that should be used only upon the advice of legal counsel who advises the end user licensee regarding how the licensee can comply with the end user's covenant of lawful operation in the jurisdiction where the software product is used. The end user licensee must not assume that all software products and all settings are lawful for use in all jurisdictions, or lawful for use in connection with all methods of retail operation. WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES TO THAT EFFECT.


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