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Friday, April 20, 2018
By GFG Games
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Earn $20 toward your next bill by completing one of the below surveys. This survey is open to anyone who wants to take it, if you use our software or not, or whomever is your distributor. If you do not currently use Gold Fusion, but complete the survey, the $20 credit will apply when you begin services.
Follow below link if you CURRENTLY use Gold Fusion:  
Follow Below link if you DO NOT CURRENTLY use Gold Fusion:   
To help you as much as possible in business, we need to see that we are improving the software and moving in the right direction.  We need your feedback for what is important to you.  
The $20 credit will be applied toward a weekly software invoice unless you have already paid off your software, then you will receive a $20 check.
Thank you for considering the survey. 



The information provided herein is not intended to be legal or compliance advice. Gold Fusion software products include multiple settings and licensee-selectable options that should be used only upon the advice of legal counsel who advises the end user licensee regarding how the licensee can comply with the end user's covenant of lawful operation in the jurisdiction where the software product is used. The end user licensee must not assume that all software products and all setting are lawful for use in all jurisdictions, or lawful for use in connection with all methods of retail operation. WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES TO THAT EFFECT.


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