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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
By GFG Games
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Next week there will be a conference call regarding next steps for Ohio and using the Gold Fusion system going forward.  
We will have an attorney on the call to answer questions and provide suggestions. If you are already registered, please have your questions submitted to us by this Friday, and expect to receive the conference call details mid week the week of the Aug 20th in a private email.  
If you would like to register for the call, please contact us and if approved, you will be added to the call.   
Registration for this free conference call is required. If you have not yet registered, please contact us today. Once we have confirmed you are not one of the people or organizations that are blacklisted from the event, your spot will be reserved.
This call is important to clear up any confusion. The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) is implementing new strict requirements on instant win games. Several weeks ago, the OCCC published in a whitepaper that addresses "no chance" and "pre-reveal" type games as still being slot machines, but it doesn't address our Full Disclosure feature. This call is to make the differences clear. Below is a direct quote from OCCC "pre-reveal" type games and why it states they are still illegal:  
"Upon learning of the outcome does not remove the element of chance because, as designed, the game requires a player to move past the immediate game for the chance that the next will be a winning game."  
No where does the article address a system that allows "all future outcomes". 
The full article can be found at: 

The OCCC's website can be found below:


The information provided herein is not intended to be legal or compliance advice. Gold Fusion software products include multiple settings and licensee-selectable options that should be used only upon the advice of legal counsel who advises the end user licensee regarding how the licensee can comply with the end user's covenant of lawful operation in the jurisdiction where the software product is used. The end user licensee must not assume that all software products and all setting are lawful for use in all jurisdictions, or lawful for use in connection with all methods of retail operation. WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES TO THAT EFFECT.


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