Detecting Employee Theft
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
By GFG Games
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We often get asked how to detect if one of the employees of the business is stealing cash?  Or if the employee has figured out how to get one over on the system?
Here are two reports you can use and should check on a frequent basis.
First is the Shift Summary report.  This report shows every single shift at a glance.  Every time your employees do a drop for their shift, it should equal the number on the right, where the red arrows are.  This report is big and will show multiple employee shifts.




Second is the Shift Detail report.  This report shows every single transaction that took place during a shift.  Should you need much detail on what happened during a shift, check this report.  It shows a live balance during the employees shift.  So if you need to ever "Spot" check, you can with this tool.  The running balance should always be the bottom number in this report.



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