Court Case: WHY THE FREE 100
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Thursday, January 25, 2018
By GFG Games
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People ask why is it important to sell products and award a free 100 points.  Below is the result of a lawsuit where someone was targeted for gambling offences, but got off because the games were free.

"CSGO Lotto was, on its surface, a portal to an elaborate game of chance. Players would connect their Steam accounts and use the weapon skins they owned to enter into those games. There was, and still is, a thriving marketplace where skins are traded for currency, and each skin’s value is tracked by Valve in real time. CSGO Lotto would simply accept skins as tickets to enter its contests."

"But, Watson said, there was always a way for people to get those tickets for free. Watson said that means CSGO Lotto was as much a gambling website as McDonald’s is a casino."

"Once a year or so, McDonald’s runs its famous Monopoly-themed game. On every package of fries and on the side of softdrinks is a pull-tab, and some are instant winners that award cash, electronics or even cars. But the promotion, and others like it, isn’t gambling because there’s always a way to get one of those pull-tabs for free."

"No purchase necessary. Some restrictions may apply."

"The trick to that is if you’re in McDonalds and you look at the display, it says you don’t have to buy any fries or Coke to play the game,” said Watson. “You just have to walk up to the counter and ask for a ticket. Then you mail it in and they’ll tell you if you won or not."

“Our business model for CSGO Lotto was no different than that. It would have allowed anyone who ever wanted to play the games for free skins to get them. All they had to do was ask.”

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