Community Jackpot Board

The most attractive feature to our customers is the Community Jackpot Board (or CJB for short)

This option is available to GOLD FUSION SYSTEM’S users, features many options not found on other systems and leaves out the negative features that many of the other community systems have.

Here is an example of the CJB with one of the many available settings
When the CJB is activating, each and every client station has the Crazy Caveman run in front of the display
And the winner(s) of the CJB prize, get their award from the Crazy Caveman himself!


Gold Fusion’s Community Jackpot display features a vibrant, attractive standby mode that lets your patrons:
Know that you have a Community Jackpot system in your Store!
Know how many patrons are currently eligible!
Know what prizes are available to be won!
See all three prizes! One solo (HOT SEAT) winner prize and 2 shared (COMMUNITY) jackpots are displayed!
See the prizes grow and rise higher and higher as more participation occurs!

Patrons can see on their own terminal screen whether or not they are currently qualified to win if the Community Board activates byway of a small simulated “scratch-off” symbol that glows GREEN when they are qualified and turns RED then they are not. THEN... When the Community Board activates... IT’S A PARTY!!!

There are two exciting ways the system communicates to patrons that the prizes are activating. First, is the CJB display on the big screen displays exciting sound and animation. Secondly, each and patron in your business, that is eligible at the time of activation has the Crazy Caveman run in front of their game showing the CJB prizes are about to go off! Energetic sound, music and graphics announce to the whole store that something BIG is happening!!! For the smallest prize, the HOT SEAT PROMOTION (solo winner), the winners screen name is displayed on the board! For the two community prizes, the amount won & how many patrons split the prize is displayed on the board! Prizes won are paid directly into the winnings accounts of the winning patrons, no extra bookkeeping! The simplicity of the Gold Fusion Community Jackpot is that, unlike other systems that require difficult to understand math to keep up with how the board affects revenue splits, Gold Fusions answer to this situation is... Our Community Jackpot System is JUST ANOTHER GAME!!!

“We had been very successful in another industry and we almost lost our shirt with XXXX games. I got started with Gold Fusion and I did not do better at first because I was trying to run this business like my old one! Meanwhile, XXXXXX at Gold Fusion kept patiently trying to get me to listen to their marketing ideas. Finally in frustration I said “OK I will try it your way! Nothing else is working! 1 year and XXXXX thousands of dollars later and I could not be happier that I started to listen! Now we are opening our second site!”

-Nate C.